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Mission Statement

St Kieran’s Catholic Primary School celebrates the uniqueness of all. We nurture the faith and well-being of our school community, inspiring minds through the joy of learning.



At St. Kieran’s Primary School we believe in the uniqueness of the child. We believe that children develop at different rates, have different strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and learn differently. We aim to complement the work of parents as the first educators of their children, and we recognise the primary role played by parents and parishes in the faith development process. The full benefit of our school occurs when you enable the school, the family and parish to work in harmony to create a true environment for faith development. All members of St. Kieran’s community strive to respect and care for one another.

Teachers, as role models, provide a secure, supportive, stable environment where children can feel at ease to take risks as they learn gospel values, form wholesome relationships, develop respect for all and build their own self-esteem.

St. Kieran’s teachers aim to provide the best curriculum for all students and work hard to achieve a successful approach to teaching and learning. We wish to ensure that all students at St. Kieran’s are equipped with the knowledge, competence and qualities needed to be successful when they move on to secondary school. We understand that we need to structure and operate our schools in a way that these outcomes can be achieved for all students. At St Kieran’s we are committed to the development of the whole person, and we strive to provide a teaching/learning environment where positive attitudes towards faith, life and learning are encouraged and developed. The curriculum is designed to focus on the development of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects and so enable each child to reach her/his full potential.

Families are welcomed and encouraged to become actively involved, wherever possible, in the educational, recreational and social activities of the school.

St. Kieran’s Primary School has an active and supportive School Council and Parents’ and Friends group. Our community is very supportive of the school, and parent participation is a strong feature. Parents’ and Friends organise social and fundraising events throughout the year. Notice of these meetings is in the newsletter calendar, and all parents are welcome.

In order to support effective learning and teaching, we provide a clean, safe, comfortable learning environment that allows for a wide range of activities and physical development.

Our School Profile

In 1949, Father John Ryan OMI, Parish Priest of St Kieran’s, invited the Presentation Sisters to open a school there to cater for the large numbers of families who were coming to the area to help develop the power stations at Yallourn. The Sisters accepted his invitation, and in 1950, the school opened under the leadership of Mother Catherine Curtin. The majority of the students were from Europe and had very limited English. Class sizes were between 90 and 100. These early families, who were struggling to establish themselves in a new country, worked side by side with those who were born here to establish solid buildings, incorporating a church and hall. A strong sense of community and sharing was born and still exists today. The Sisters staffed the school until 1994 when Sister Verna Carroll PBVM finished her term as Principal. The school, however, retains the strong Presentation ethos in its emphasis on pastoral care.

The school currently has approximately 130 students and a staff of seventeen. There are six classes. The European cultures have been enriched by the later arrival of Asian and Islander students, and we also have a number of Sudanese children attending our school who have enriched our community. Many of the children are second-generation Australians. Moe has suffered greatly by the scaling down of industry in the Latrobe Valley, and families are suffering as breadwinners travel far afield to find employment.

The original classrooms have been added to with the completion of an administration block, a library and three classrooms which now are used as a multi-purpose room and an art room. The older rooms have recently been refurbished, with interactive whiteboards and air conditioning in each room. The rooms are spacious enough for the 25 students, computers and many learning centres that they each house. Our hall is used for a range of activities as well as for larger assemblies. Our library is a resource centre and the hub of the school. It has a bank of computers all connected to the internet.

St Kieran’s logo shows happy children playing and learning in an environment where the church is in a prominent place. This is symbolic of our learning and teaching. Some of the ways we cater for our children as individuals are cooperative learning, an integrated approach to the key learning areas, literature-based reading program (combined with guided reading for emerging readers), Reading Recovery, EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) and a strong emphasis on pastoral care with the Seasons program for dealing with loss and grief, a Learning Assistance Program and other human development sessions offered on a needs basis. Sacramental programs each incorporate three parent-child activity sessions.

Our dedicated and caring staff is supported by parental participation in nearly all of our activities, as well as by the Parents and Friends Committee and the School Advisory Board.

At St Kieran’s we value the uniqueness of each member of our school community and strive to fulfil each person in the spirit of our Christian mission every day.


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