St Kieran's pride ourselves on our literacy successes. We create a holistic approach to literacy where all children are given the opportunity and provided with the tools to enhance their literacy learning. We use a range of strategies and processes to develop each child so that all children can learn in a supportive and challenging environment. Reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening are all key focus areas for our literacy learning.

We believe:

  • All children can achieve success.

  • Early intervention is essential at each stage of schooling.

  • High expectations, focused teaching, engaged learning time and enabling beliefs and understandings are essential to success.

  • Dramatic improvements in student learning require the adoption of a systemic, whole school design approach in which schools assume responsibility for ensuring success and implement continuous improvement processes.


At St. Kieran’s we believe in providing all children with access to, and success in, mathematics learning, via a balance of concepts, skills and application and the employment of the appropriate use of technology.

We build on what students already know, making learning meaningful and relevant, taking the formal language of mathematics and relating it to everyday language.

Our mathematics curriculum provides a sequential, hands on program in which children are encouraged to use a variety of concrete aids and resources, including calculators and computers.

To establish starting points for teaching in mathematics we employ diagnostic assessments. This helps us to monitor children from years prep to six. Opportunities such as this give focus to our teaching. At St.Kieran’s we believe we are responsible for ensuring that our children develop the competence, confidence and interest needed to become lifelong learners of mathematics. We build on what students already know, making learning meaningful and relevant, taking the formal language of mathematics and relating it to everyday language.

The school also provides Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) which is an intervention program that provides students the opportunity to build upon their numeracy skills and the support to extend their understanding of all aspects of numeracy and their mathematical thinking. The students work in small groups of no more than 4 students, with the trained EMU intervention teacher for four to five sessions per week.

Religious Education

This is a core subject of our school. Through an experiential and scriptural based program, we strive to  teach the children about God’s love for them and about their responsibilities as Christians. This is summed up in Scripture: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.

There are many liturgical and Sacramental celebrations throughout the year and we invite parents to share in as many of these as possible with us. Before each of the Sacraments a series of family nights are offered to help renew ideas about the sacraments for other family members and to give a sense of the partnership in which school and home are engaged.

As well as a number of whole school celebrations, each class prepares the liturgy and attends Mass once each term. Classes present the Gospel for Sunday each week at Assembly and the older children have Reconciliation once a term. Families are encouraged to join in all of these activities with us.

Inquiry Learning

In keeping with best educational practice, our integrated units are centred around topics that are planned to extend children’s thinking and understanding. Our objectives in teaching with an integrated approach are to provide learning experiences that develop knowledge, skills, understandings, attitudes and values. Emphasis is on providing children with these different kinds of experiences and learning opportunities so they will be able to further develop their understandings of the world and be able to make considered judgments resulting from these experiences. When selecting topics for classes the following is always considered:

  • the interests, perspectives, backgrounds and needs of the children

  • the abilities of the children

  • the curriculum learning outcomes

  • the demographics of our school

  • the learning environment and resources available

Our Integrated Studies program incorporates the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and its three strands of learning: Physical Personal & Social Learning; Discipline- based Learning and Interdisciplinary learning. Within these strands, skills, knowledge and behaviours are organized into domains of learning.

Specialist Classes


Our Arts direction and emphasis is dependent on curriculum topics and or events. We have a well-equipped Art Room and Multi-purpose room in our Arts Complex. Teachers take children through a variety of experiences to develop children’s understanding of, and appreciation of the arts. We also have outside performers come into the school so the children are able to experience The Arts on different levels.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program aims to help children master fundamental motor skills. These include throwing, kicking, striking, ball control, running, dodging and fitness. It also helps them to appreciate the enjoyment of sport and games. Tennis lessons are held once a week for all the children from Prep to Year 6. Senior children are involved in a Round Robin competition with the other schools in the Moe /Newborough area. The children compete in football, soccer, netball, volley stars and softball. We hold a whole school Athletics Carnival each year. The children from Years Prep to Two are involved in an array of novelty and track events. The older children compete in various track and field events. Some children go on from these to represent the school in the Zone Athletics Sports.

Information Technology

Each class has an interactive white board installed that is used for learning and teaching in all areas of the curriculum. The use of the digital camera is also incorporated into class lessons. Our school is equipped with desktops, laptops, Ipads and XO computers which enable all children to access and learn through technology. All children are provided with specialist ICT classes during their time at St Kieran's where they use programs including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Paint, Excel and Movie Maker. Students also have access to the internet and their own individual school email address.


The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is a facility of which we are very proud. The Library Resource Centre is open before school at 8:30am and after school from 3.00- 3.15pm. We encourage children to be independent readers, and with guidance to, take responsibility for their borrowing. Children borrow both take home books to read and picture storybooks. We encourage parents to assist their children in the selection of books. Staff are available to assist.

Parents are also very welcome to come to the LRC to borrow, browse, read, or just to be sheltered from inclement, hot or cold weather. We have a parent section in our LRC, which we hope you will use. These books are housed in the foyer. All books must be computer processed before leaving the LRC. To help with the care of books, children must have a LIBRARY BAG. Some Library Bags are available from the LRC, COST: $2.00 each.


Our music program introduces students to different fun aspects of the creative musical process. These include singing, movement, listening activities, practical demonstrations of different instruments and hands-on use of tuned and un-tuned instruments. Students experience an array of different genres of music to listen to and discuss and selected students are encouraged to participate in Eisteddfod performances and Musical productions.



Mandarin classes are provided for all children from Prep to Year 6. The children learn about China, the culture and language. The children learn to speak and write in Mandarin.

Other Programs

Brain Gym

Children in the junior classes work through a Brain Gym program. It encourages children to develop body strength and skills through activities that require children to climb, skip, hop, crawl and develop hand-eye coordination.


At St Kieran’s we offer interschool debating for our senior students and participation in the local Eisteddfod. Our senior children are also involved in interschool sporting activities. St Kieran’s also provides camping experiences from Prep to Year 6 both in the form of excursions and overnight camps in a variety of settings.

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